Like most children, I was always very curious to discover new things and also very passionate about what I did. Life always felt complete. But the older I became, the more I felt that there was something missing, but I was unable to figure out what that was.

Finally this curiosity brought me back to my real passion. I started studying to become a coach and trainer in a bid to understand what was going on inside of me. When I started studying, I never intended to work as a coach or trainer; I only intended to rediscover the feeling I had when I was little. But the result was so amazing that I decided to share my personal experience with everybody who is interested.

Passion is one of my core values, as is curiosity. To me respect means being curious what makes everybody around us so unique and valuable.

Martin Dreiseitel


Passion, respect, 
trust, honesty, 

Vision & Mission

Imagine passionate people building successful organizations. My mission is to inspire people to unlock their talents – discover their potential and be passionate about what they do.



Master (Dipl.-Ing.) Civil Engineering and Water Management, University of Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

03/1997 - 12/2000

Deputy Head Environmental Consultanting, OMV Proterra GmbH, Austria

01/2001 - 09/2004

Head of Environment, OMV Austria Exploration & Production GmbH, Austria

10/2004 - 06/2008

Director Environment, OMV Petrom S.A., Rumänien

08/2008 - ongoing

Owner Martin Dreiseitel e.U. – Consulting & Coaching, Austria

12/2008 - ongoing

President & CEO, F&R Worldwide S.R.L., Romania

12/2008 - ongoing

General Manager, IMU Laboratories S.R.L., Romania

07/2009 - ongoing

CEO, SGDA Europe B.V., The Netherlands

01/2012 - ongoing

General Manager, SGDA Sanierungsgesellschaft für Deponien und Altlasten mbH, Germany

01/2016 - ongoing

Member of the Supervisory Board, MVC Automotive Austria GmbH, Austria


Trainer, certified according to ISO/IEC 17024
Mediator, registered according to the Austrian Mediation Act (ZivMediatG)
Life and Social Counsellor

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