1. Discover potentials

    I undertake an analysis to highlight unconscious or hidden factors affecting the company, such as values, beliefs, behavioural patterns and talents. When a company is made aware of these aspects and the additional opportunities they bring, it can make use of this hidden potential, reaching its aims more effectively and efficiently. I also draw attention to additional options within the company organisation to make optimal use of employees’ talents. The company can then integrate employees in a way that best reflects their specific skills.

  2. Living potentials

    I support top management, managers and employees in making specific use of discovered potential, such as different values, hidden beliefs, behavioural patterns and talents. By being aware of these aspects and the additional opportunities they bring, everyone involved is given the opportunity to use their passion to make a valuable contribution to the company’s success.

  3. Power of communication

    I help to draw attention to communication deficits and conflicts that hinder success and provide top management, managers and employees with ways to better recognise, cope with, or even prevent communication deficits and conflicts in the future. Together, you can then achieve even greater success.

  4. Coaching-on-demand

    I provide support exactly when it is needed, with short notice coaching appointments, telephone coaching or coaching via chat. When challenges arise suddenly, I help you to find the tranquillity needed to again work with enthusiasm and focus on the task in hand.

  5. Individual services

    I also provide tailor-made solutions that meet individual challenges and requirements. These solutions include individual or group coachings for executives and employees, design and implementation of trainings, individual and group supervision, conflict resolution through mediation, as well as development, implementation and moderation of customised workshops.

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